What is PBN in Search Engine Optimization?

Do you wish to bring more traffic to your website or blog? Get benefitted with PBN. PBN stands for Private Blog Network. It is a network of authoritative websites linked to building money in a client’s website. The main purpose is to increase the ranking of your website in the Google search. Google has been using manual ranking penalties against Private Blog Networks. It encourages to use Ad words instead. Around 50000 domains expire every year and it has become a good source of links for PBN. PBN uses the black hat technique as it is named to rank in the top pages of the SEO. Google is against this black hat technique and has already stopped and banned numerous PBNs. But PBN are played hidden from Google and are still working in many networks. It has been working great with many money clients.

How does PBN work?

Backlinks aids to increase the page ranking in SEO. But it is a slow process to acquire backlinks. It involves a lot of energy, time and money. An alternate to acquiring backlinks quickly is to get help from a SEO operator who owns a PBN or Private Blog Network. He owns many PBN website with content and good number of backlinks. He gives you the backlinks at an agreed cost. As a result, you can find that your website or a particular webpage begins to rank on the top pages in the search engine optimization.


You might be lucky enough to not het caught with your PBN. It is a risky option to help your website be in the top rankings in the search engine optimization. The other good methods to get the backlinks and help you get into the top rankings is by the Blogger Outreach method and use Ad words instead of PBNs to avoid getting into manual penalties from the Google.